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Appointments on Big Brother 24

Big Brother Spoilers is here to find out who was sent to the block in week 4 of BB24 as the remnants are, at least for now, running the game and could manage to control this round from start to finish with the right moves and constant trust between them.

Monte grabbed the HOH key last night and the Leftovers spent the night covering their bases and checking among themselves what they were saying to the other HGs who had been left in the dark with Thursday’s blind ejection.

Joseph worked hard to convince Daniel that putting Nicole on the block would finally allow them to get that pesky Taylor out of the house and Daniel seemed to take the bait. Good grief. But wait, Monte says they need Taylor’s trust and sending her back to the Block might not be their best move. After an afternoon full of discussions with the other HGs, Monte then discussed with Taylor the possibility of her returning to the block. Would she be ready to play the pawn against Nicole?

Nominations for Big Brother 24 Week 4:

  • Nominated mount: Alyssa and Indie

Okay, so the plan is obvious. Taylor is not yet on the block against Nicole. That’s the goal, however, and Monte plans to rename them to the danger zone on Monday *if* all goes according to plan. Of course, if Taylor and Nicole are chosen to Veto and win, that plan is scrapped and Alyssa or Indy head out the door. Kyle is pushing for it to be Alyssa because he wants this fakemanship nonsense to stop already.

What do you think of these choices? Was it the HOH’s good choices or a missed opportunity? Share your thoughts below.

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