Uber will start showing drivers how much they’ll be paid to take a ride

Uber says it has “completely redesigned the way drivers accept rides” with a feature called “upfront fares,” which shows drivers exactly how much they’ll be paid for a trip and where they’ll end up after dropping off a passenger. In its Friday announcement, the company says the change is part of its effort to make riding the ride-sharing service more flexible. Uber also plans to roll out a feature that lets drivers see other ride requests in their area, allowing them to choose specific rides they’d like to take.

For passengers, the changes, which have been tested in some places, could mean fewer trips canceled because a driver doesn’t really want to get to their destination or realizes it won’t be a very profitable trip.

According to an initial fee support document, the amount shown to drivers before they accept a trip is based on “several factors, including base fares, estimated length and duration of the trip, distance coverage and surge pricing”. The document notes that if the rider changes the drop-off address or there is “unexpected traffic” along the route, the fare will be adjusted. The number also doesn’t include things like tips or wait times.

Upfront fares clearly indicate how much drivers will actually earn for taking a trip.
Picture: Uber

The document warns that the shift to front-end fares, which is expected to roll out “across most of the United States over the next few months,” could mean that certain types of rides earn less for drivers. As examples, it lists “long and relatively quick journeys (without traffic)” and “journeys to areas of high demand”. However, he also says the new system will mean drivers will earn more on short journeys, journeys with a lot of traffic, journeys where they end up in an area with fewer passengers or journeys where they have to travel a long way. before arriving at the rider.

Uber did not immediately respond to The edgerequest for comment on areas of the United States that would not get initial rates.

The trip radar also displays fares.
Picture: Uber

Along with upfront fares, Uber says it will more widely roll out a feature called ride radar, which gives drivers a list of nearby ride requests. Drivers will be able to choose the rides they want from the list, and if Uber decides it’s a good match, it will give them the job. (An article by Uber says it will choose which drivers get their picks based on average driver and passenger wait times.) Uber also says drivers will still receive individual ride requests, but they can use the travel radar to find “another trip that might suit them better”.

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